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Off-key could also be used to describe recent developments concerning Liverpool football club, Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield, and the saga that ensued.

I am at pains to use the word ‘saga’ but 23 years is a very long time to wait for answers.

Yesterday British Prime Minister David Cameron addressed the House of Commons offering an apology for the ‘double injustice’ to the families of the Hillsborough victims, for failures that caused the stadium collapse and for later attempts to shift the blame onto fans.

For the full transcript, see here.

Cameron was speaking to a report handed down by the Hillsborough Independent Panel but another inquest is likely to be ordered after it revealed for the first time the extent to which an established cover-up was organised. Criminal prosecutions have not been ruled out.


The Sun ran this notorious front page 23 years ago –

Kelvin Mackenzie, editor at the time , offered  an apology this week saying,

“It has taken more than two decades, 400,000 documents and a two-year inquiry to discover to my horror that it would have been far more accurate had I written the headline The Lies rather than The Truth.”

This was today’s issue –

Trevor Hicks, of the Hillsborough Families Support Group, has rejected MacKenzie’s apology saying it was,

“Too little, too late.”


So where does this leave the families of the 96 victims, two decades and almost a third on?

I’m sure they’d want more than the drawn-out process of another inquiry.